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Day 14: Success! It ended with a kiss

Yeah, that’s right, I flirted, I teased and got a kiss as a reward!

It started with a lonesome man, a handsome lonesome man, whose eye I’d caught. He was eyeing up what looked like a note of value, he shrugged and I don’t think he wanted to look silly if it was not money. So I got my lovely old friend Ms Attractive to pick it up as she was closest but alas it was only an old receipt. In steps Tall Irishman joking that we could buy a round with the money,’ ok’ I say ‘you go get it’ with a flirty, mischievous smile. So we get flirting and he asks if his ‘Irish charms are working on me’, at the time I thought it a silly remark but actually kudos to him for making it outright obvious that he is flirting with me; I might have to use that one myself but cut the ‘Irish’ and paste with ‘Womanly’.

As it transpired our Tall Irishman was a proper flirt and flirted with us all, all fab five of us, and any passer-by’s too for that matter, I find that quite off-putting but in his defence he tried to get all his boys in on it as well but they were quite difficult to get going on the flirt scene. Although one of them defrosted eventually and danced a little jig and flipped Ms Attractive on her head with a Strictly Come Dancing move. There was another handsome friend of Tall Irishman whom I tried to get close to, to try my newfound flirting skills on but I was stopped at every attempt by Tall Irishman, at the time I thought it was bad timing, now maybe I’d like to think there was an ulterior motive. I was also put off by thinking that he was into Ms Attractive which always invariable seems to happen I think, or am I just being insecure? Anyhow I seem to be the more approachable, less attractive brunette who guys start flirting with to get close to the more attractive blond company I keep. Is that not often guys game plan? I think I might have read that somewhere.

Meanwhile I’m also trying to flirt further with lonesome handsome man who is no longer lonesome, he give me a wink or two and flashes me a gorgeous smile, 30 minutes later he is squeezing and caressing one of his company’s asses, by the looks of it; his girlfriend – what the f’?! Oh, well! It was fun to feel desirable whilst it lasted. Thinking back, I am also guilty of flirting with all and sundry, what’s actually so bad in that, I ask myself now?

The evening comes to a halt, everyone starts making a move home or a make their final move on the evening’s flirts. Tall Irishman steps in again wanting to take his chances with me, I vehemently state that he really was  after my friend and I am the scraps, he vehemently denies this. I think ‘ why not, he’s kind of handsome in a charming smiley way, go for it’. So we take company to the train station, through the alleyway, which in my (distant past) experience is a great place for a tease and a kiss and I’m not wrong. He stops, grabs my hand, leans against the wall and brings me close to him. He tries to kiss me but I like that electric moment before a kiss, I savour that moment by keeping my distance. He calls me a tease with a charming smile, I giggle seductively and I come closer again. He pulls me in even closer and I continue to keep the distance after our lips have gently caressed. We breathe the electricity. He takes my face in his warm large smooth carpenter’s hands and now  teases me with his lips then finally we kiss – mmm, lovely lovely! Then he takes my hand, he has strong wonderful warm hands, as I’ve already mentioned, and we walk off into the sunset…… never to see each other again, we never exchanged numbers, it was not to be. Never mind, tonight is another night and I have a date with someone else!


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