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Day 9: not much flirting

There hasn’t been much flirting as I have been working long shifts and  have also not quite been in the ‘mood for flirting’. To be in the mood one has to be in top form I think, i.e. not tired, feel attractive, sexy and feel slim –  I have slim days and fat days, my mum has her sparkly or gloomy eye’s days, what about you? But today might be the day to get into flirt mood! I have already been messaged by a man whom I have not dated yet but whom I have exchanged messages with for some time. You might wonder why we have not been on a date yet? Something is stopping me from properly arranging a date; is it a gut feeling or purely being scared of being disappointed yet again. I think I just have to jump in and not take any set back too seriously. Having just watched this delightful advert I can draw some parallels between this mouse’ story and dating:

The mousetrap is dating and the final is what we all aim for – the big cheese/love!


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Day 1: could have flirted

"I restore myself when I'm alone" Marilyn

So yesterday I met my dear friend for dinner, who also happen to be a midwife but we have actually known each other since our pre-midwife days. So sitting in a restaurant eating and drinking wine whilst talking shop is not very conducive for flirting. Of course that is not all I did that day, besides blogging. I shopped for clothes, but was in a dace and anyhow the only men you see in women’s clothes shops are either gay or boyfriends. So what about my journey there?  I took the bus but had my head in a book, so from now on my books stay at home. Journeying home though I finally did have the opportunity to flirt, I noticed that the man I was sitting next to was also engrossed in his phone playing a card game. Now, if that isn’t an opportunity to flirt, what is! Unfortunately I did not find him remotely attractive, hence I could have flirted but wouldn’t.

My action plan for flirting today is to seize every opportunity; no books, card games are off limit, definitely spend some time at the actual bar counter (have found this productive before), and before any of that I will log into the dating site I’m signed up for but never spend much time on (which is probably why it is not very productive in terms of me finding a date to flirt with).

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Single woman into the limelight

Worked the holiday and now time for Single Woman to step into the limelight. So I have had a couple of days off and another couple to follow. I have been cavorting with the opposite sex but not really putting much effort into flirting or following through on the little flirting I did do.

I operate on the assumption that love will just land in my lap, this did actually happen to me once. Well actually, after he literally landed in my lap, he turned out to become a bit of an obsession of mine but that is another story. By this though you would have thought I would have learned my lesson there and then, that love just don’t land in your lap willy nilly.

I need to putting some effort into my flirting and to follow it through too. Rather than rolling over when other flirty flirts squeezes into my spot. I have found this blogging business to be a fun way of gathering tried and tested ways of conducting a flirt amongst other things of interest such as baking, cooking, midwifery, parenting, etc. So here is one blog on flirting step-by-step that I thought seemed easy enough to follow and will try out for the next coming two weeks: http://everythingloveandlust.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/a-lesson-in-flirting-with-everthing-love-and-lust/

I will regularly report on my successes or non-successes in this. Wish me luck!


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Learning to flirt from a Flirty Friend

Having worked a little over 60 hours over 5 shifts in 6 days (night and days). I took well deserved rest which primarily consisted of being horizontal in bed…..and before your fantasies run away with you….it was just lonely me in my pyjama, my cat at the bottom of the bed and my yellow mellow notebook on my belly. I’ve been catching up on friends, the world and TV shows.

So that has been my days, in the evenings I have been out with a friend and taking dancing classes and socialised! There has been some wine involved, dancing off course and flirting. Unfortunately the flirting my Flirty Friend stood for. She is an absolute pro, and 3 days in she is already getting somewhere…. they are now friends on a social network, they have exchanged numbers, exchanged hours of banter and have a possible date tomorrow! So I have watched and learned but will I be able to be a flirty me?

Going back to my Flirty Frind, she was not only flirting with her new crush but also 2 other lesser crushes, did I not say she was a pro. I think possible one got the grump but if I was reading things right he only got the grump as his girlfriend called for him, weather she is his girlfriend in a romantic or friendly way I have not quite worked out yet. If she is a girlfriend in a romantic way then my flirty friend certainly did not know, I want to reiterate this as I don’t want to make her out to be a man stealer.

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Here goes…..

This is to be a blog about my life as a midwife and a single woman in a big city. They often feel very separate but at the same time always fused – after all there is only one of me.

Coming up with a name was a little tricky but the arrival of Miss Obstetrix was helped by a day of online search and mapping including a little help from a friend. Saying it out loud sounded good. My friend came up with “stand and deliver” (Adam and the Ants) which I though very clever.

The root of obstetrix come from the latin: obstetrix  a midwife, literally: woman who stands opposite,  from obstare “stand opposite to” and from trix “woman”.

Anyhow better get a few hours sleep before my night shift, first one following an extended holiday – looking forward to it. So until next time…….

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