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Day 2: online date lined up

True to my word, I went onto my online dating profile and checked the men out. I messaged one guy whom I had contact with some weeks back which had run into the sand as I have not spent any time on the site to follow through – no reply of course. Next I messaged another gentleman, who low and behold was in his fireman uniform! Not usually one for uniforms but I have for some reason always had a thing for firemen. Especially like the navy/black uniforms with the red suspenders and yellow helmets. There is something so manly about them with their red trucks and hoses, rescuing women over their shoulders coming down a ladder with the house on fire as a backdrop.

Was just about to leave the site and a message came in from someone whom I have been more or less ignoring for about a year, why you may wonder. Probably because he uses and over ruses of babe, honey and princess in the shortest of come-on messages ever. However I noticed he also is a fireman and being that I really want to get out there dating, I have to lower my expectations and as my Flirty Friend is currently experiencing the following – someone very interesting and articulate online is face-to-face rather socially inept. Maybe this online inept fireman is face-to-face very interesting. A date is now being arranged (this is tricky as we both work shifts) after some flirty messages back and forth, and a promise to not use those over-familiar name callings until we are no longer strangers!



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