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Day 3: strike the pose

Recently I took a workshop in a variety of styles of dancing, and one of the styles was burlesque. This at the time was for me somehow surprising but afterwards not so, I obviously had been concentrating on only one facet of the workshop ignoring the rest. I really did not feel sexy when we started off, my advice here is; dress to kill. Whether this is your sexy little black number, your jeans with that fabulous sparkly top or your retro tea dress with a flower in your hair but don’t wear your track pants and tee without on ounce of make-up.

But I did find my inner sexiness after striking a string of sexy burlesque poses that our fabulous teacher had choreographed. It felt particular evident when I went out dancing blues today, on day 3 in my bid to flirt better. I flirted outrageously with my whole body by hitting those sexy burlesque poses and wow, how I felt like “all woman”! I thoroughly recommend taking a burlesque class to find your inner sexiness, like I did.


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